Dismissed... It's a Problem

Dismissed... It's a Problem


Ever feel that way?

You comment on someone’s social media post that asks for opinions and yours obviously isn’t “right” and you’re “unfriended”.

Something you said at girls night out “offended” a friend and now she won’t return your texts.

It’s hurtful. It happens all the time.

Since when are we unwilling to have conversations? Why can’t we agree to disagree on non-essentials without taking things so personally? Since when is cutting someone out of ones life the best way to remedy?

Why are we no longer humbling ourselves to consider the point of view of others? When did we stop putting ourselves in another’s shoes? When did we start getting so offended? Why is it so important that we are right? How is “winning” an argument the ultimate purpose?

When did we stop listening AND caring?

It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s not designed to be this way.

What’s our ultimate purpose? If we are truly aiming to be “doers” of God’s Word, then the attitude of dismissal has GOT to go.

“Love your neighbor” is not reserved for those with opinions, life experience and postures that match yours.

Why do views become more extreme and social circles more exclusive? In my opinion it’s because the only voices we hear are those that echo our own. If validation isn’t the result then we excuse ourselves from the relationship.

What does this lead to? In my opinion it stunts our growth, narrows our perspective and ultimately makes us ineffective Christ followers.

It’s important that you don’t hear this as a message of acceptance, condoning or even tolerance of all things. Loving and tolerating are not the same thing. Jesus modeled this beautifully. Consider who He hung out with. He loved and taught and set an example, but He also stood firmly and boldly for truth. There’s a difference and a delicate balance.

Since when is it ok for us to act differently?

Let’s be sure to listen. To ask questions. To try to understand. To put ourselves in the other persons shoes. To have conversations instead of arguments. To agree to disagree (in love) when necessary. To take emotions out of it. To stop being offended so easily. To handle one another with grace.   Let’s love our neighbors. Let’s disciple gently by taking the time to get to know one another and share meals and coffee. Let’s be like Jesus as we seek to make Him known.

Can we commit to valuing people and relationships beyond differing opinions? Who’s committed with me in 2019?


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