Seven Questions With Coach Emily

Seven Questions With Coach Emily

Seven Questions With Coach Emily


  1. What’s Your Favorite Fast Meal?

I always keep the ingredients on hand for chicken sausage and apple stir fry. It takes like 10 minutes to make and my family loves it!!!


  1. What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

I love watching my kids grow up and learn and become more independent. It’s truly fascinating and incredible how fast they grow and how much they know and understand at an early age. While parenting gets harder as they get older, I also love the opportunity to teach them about hard things and by God’s grace, point them toward Him


  1. What’s most challenging about being a mom?

It’s ALL challenging. I think for me, remembering that we are in this for the long haul. Behavior doesn’t change overnight and we’re parenting children, not young adults. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that things disappoint and hurt sometimes. Remaining patient can be a big challenge for me, but I do see the Lord growing me in this area.


  1. What is God teaching you in this season?

WELL, our word of the year is Bold. So far that’s been the theme. We’ve made bold decisions and I’ve felt God teaching me bold lessons. Have you heard that saying that says “the more you know, the more you know you don’t know”? I feel like I am in that season right now. There are so many things I want to fully understand. I’m learning there is so much that I will have to wait for Heaven to understand. I also sometimes struggle with insignificance. Meaning that I feel like I’m not doing enough for God to find me useful. I realize that this is a scheme of the Devil because it doesn’t lead me to conviction, but instead condemnation. There is a very important distinction.

  1. When do you exercise and what does that look like for you?

I’m a gym rat at heart and I love going to the gym. The problem is for me to fit that into my day it has to be SUPER early. I’ve been in a season of self-care lately and often that means more sleep. So, most of my workouts are in my basement with kids. Truth is, I love it. We enjoy that time together before school. They play or count for me or cheer for me or tell me stories and it’s really sweet. Fast Momsanity Sisterhood workouts are where it’s at for me these days.

  1. What are your favorite parenting resources?

I LOVE Audible for so many reasons. Recently, I’ve been listening to The Respect Effect which is created for moms of boys. Let me tell you that this book is amazing. The premise is that just like men desire respect from their wives, boys (even young boys) respond better and mature when we parent with respect talk. It’s truly mind blowing!

  1. What is always in your grocery cart?

That’s a tough one because I very often shop by habit. I do vary my recipes, but keep most of the same things on hand. I will say produce. My kids eat fruit by the handful and I cook with pre-chopped and shredded veggies most of the time. I also always buy riced cauliflower as it’s the base of almost all of my dinners. And coffee! We drink a lot of coffee at my house so I always pick up affordable small lot organic coffee from my favorite place, Trader Joes.

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