Meet Coach Emily: 25 Things You May Not Know

Meet Coach Emily: 25 Things You May Not Know

Emily Saunders with husband Wiggy Saunders - July 2022


Hey Momsanity! I’m coach Emily. Debbie and I founded Momsanity in 2013 and it’s been such a fun ride! I am wife to Wiggy, an integrative MD, and Mom to four boys born 2013 to 2018. In case you’re curious about some of my favorites and least-favorites, read on!

  1. My favorite dinner: At home - grilled meat with lots of veggies over cauliflower rice. Out to eat - wings or a bunless burger with homemade chips and ranch.

  2. My favorite part of motherhood right now: Watching my kids become young men and the lessons they are beginning to learn. Plus having “real conversations.” I love having boys ranging in age from a tween down to a preschooler and that also keeps me super busy!

  3. Hardest part of mommin’ at the moment: the noise and complication of understanding boys 90% of the time. I ask WHY often!

  4. How I workout: Before school - 30 minute run. After school drop off - in my basement with a good podcast and heavy weights.

  5. Favorite book: I read my Bible daily using a reading plan and also really enjoy fiction. In recent years I’ve really enjoyed historical fiction.

  6. Favorite junk food: “floppy chips” and Sonic Blasts or Oreo McFlurries

  7. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a: teacher, veterinarian

  8. Childhood motto: “ Can’t we all be friends”

  9. How I cut corners as a mom: I let a lot of things go that don’t matter for eternity. I try to plan in advance as much as possible, cook in bulk, use paper plates for breakfast and, as my kids are getting older, hand over responsibilities to them.

  10. Random facts about myself: I don’t fit into any group but get along with lots of people. I LOVE unsweetened tea, cinnamon trident gum, and coffee. I used to be Type A, but am no longer. I love productivity. I love fashion but hate shopping. My husband and I started dating on his 20th birthday, and two of my children are adopted out of foster care.

  11. Favorite Scripture: Gosh, that’s so hard. Ephesians 2: 1-10 because it talks about the “already but not yet” of salvation and eternity with Christ.

  12. Favorite exercise move: All things glutes (my hardest body part for adding muscle).

  13. Least favorite exercise move: Pull ups (but I do them anyway).

  14. Favorite fruit: Peaches

  15. Favorite Lunch: A huge salad with lots of protein and toppings - every single day.

  16. Mistake women make with nutrition/exercise: There are a few different approaches that don’t work well: 1. Too much exercise, too little food. 2. Following plans instead of what works for the individual. 3. Focusing too much on the details rather than the big picture.

  17. How many kids do I have: I have four boys that are a total of 5.5 years apart. Adler, Bryce, Hutch, and Jacks.

  18. Do I wish I had a daughter? I’m still not sure. I used to only think I would have daughters and boys terrified me (God laughs at our plans). Now I’m not sure what I would do with a daughter. My husband and I are still open to eventually fostering a daughter.

  19. Extroverted or introverted: I am a very extroverted introvert

  20. What stresses me out: When I focus too much on the world and not enough on Jesus, when people don’t do what they say they are going to do, and when plans change at the last minute.

  21. I have way too many: workout tops and casual dresses. workout tops and casual dresses.

  22. My huge dreams: Seeing my kids walk with the Lord and fulfill His purposes for their lives, loving my husband well into old age, saying yes to the hard things that God calls me to. I really love connecting people to one another and watching God work through those relationships. Seeing more families foster, adopt and love children. Playing a role in making disciples in my community.

  23. Biggest fear: My children walking away from faith or never fully accepting Jesus

  24. If given a free hour to do anything I wanted: Have lunch with a dear friend or my husband

  25. What I’d tell my 18 year old self: Live to please only Jesus, not others or yourself - worldly accomplishment pales in comparison to following Christ.

  26. Lover or fighter? That’s a hard one. I try to be loving in fights and fight for love :) We teach our kids to value gentle boldness and disciplined strength. I think that’s my goal.

  27. What makes me gag: Blatant Hypocrisy and manipulation
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