Meet Coach Debbie: 25 Things You May Not Know

Meet Coach Debbie: 25 Things You May Not Know

by Coach Debbie


My birthday was just a few days ago (I'm officially "mid 40's"), and thought I'd share 25 things about me that you might not know.  


I'd love to learn more about YOU, so be sure to share 5 things about yourself!

  1. My favorite dinner-is-an-afterthought meal: dump veggies and kielbasa in a baking dish, drizzle with oil, and bake at 425 for 30ish minutes
  2. My favorite part of motherhood right now: laughing with my kids (and getting hugs)
  3. Hardest part of mommin’ at the moment: the mental exhaustion of discipline
  4. How I workout: mid-morning, in pajamas, barefoot, lifting weights, resting a lot, loud techno music, 3-4 days a week
  5. Favorite book: Bible, which I read 5-7 days a week
  6. Favorite junk food: pizza and cookies
  7. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a: secretary, flight attendant, or teacher
  8. Childhood motto: “You’re not my boss” (I’m the youngest of 4)
  9. How I cut corners as a mom: I make my kids help around the house, I order groceries online, I get my house cleaned twice a month, our washing machine is our hamper, I make big dinners for lots of leftovers
  10. Random facts about myself: I’m high maintenance and take forever to get ready, I love consigned clothes, I’m lazy and procrastinate, I am Type A, my house is picked up but not clean, I used to teach 4th grade, I’m a brunette, white chocolate repulses me
  11. Favorite Scripture: “She can laugh at the days to come” (Proverbs 31:25)
  12. Favorite exercise move: anything core
  13. Least favorite exercise move: anything lower body
  14. Favorite fruit: blackberries
  15. How many kids do I have: 4 on earth (“PBAndJ” – Paul, Brad, Andrew, Joshua) & some I can’t wait to meet in heaven
  16. Do I wish I had a daughter? Nope, I’m content being the queen at my house (wink)
  17. Extroverted or introverted: Introverted
  18. What stresses me out: being rushed, and feeling overwhelmed with so much to do
  19. I have way too many: earrings and panties
  20. My huge dreams: fulfilling God’s will, seeing my sons follow Christ, living on a tropical island, growing old with my husband, and helping as many women as possible to feel their best
  21. Biggest fear: any of my sons not loving Jesus
  22. If given a free hour to do anything I wanted: I’d sunbathe
  23. What I’d tell my 18 year old self: cling to Christ
  24. Lover or fighter? I do not avoid confrontation
  25. What makes me gag: raw meat and unflushed toilets (and really most bodily fluids)


Now, it’s your turn! 

Tell me all about you!


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