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Bible Study For Kids

Emily Saunders kids

Do you have trouble finding faith-based resources that are Biblically sound and age-appropriate?  I love all things that point kids toward Christ, but find that a daily devotion doesn’t always sink in for my children aged 7, 5 and 4.  They also love their Action Bible (kind of like a comic book), but it moves quickly. They need a concept to be drilled in over and over again to fully grasp it. 
I’m much the same way.  I grow and understand so much more when I study and go very slowly over small sections of scripture verses just reading a devotion and/or trying to absorb too much at a time. God’s Word is life-giving always.  I’ve read through the Bible numerous times and almost every time I open it I read something that I feel I’ve never read before. What a gift!
I was SUPER excited to discover the Not Consumed Bible Study series for kids earlier this year. 
Here’s what I love about it:
1. Studies are written for different ages.  Most studies are broken down for kids ages 4 to 8, 9 to 12 and then teens.  Same concepts, different depth. The younger kids are parent led, the older kids are self-study with parent involvement.
2. Each study is based upon a Biblical Concept which is defined and then expanded.  We have completed both the “My Brother’s Keeper” (based upon sibling relationships) and “A Content Heart” (based upon what it means to be content).  My kids have really absorbed so much from both!
3. The daily studies are simple but powerful and leave options for additional activities like drawing pictures etc. and come with Scripture Memory cards.
4. Even though it might seem like “work”, my kids really enjoy it!  The studies aren’t particularly “entertaining” for kids, but they are relevant and enjoyable. I never hear whining about Bible Study .  The self-evaluations are always convicting in a perfect way (for Mom too).
5. The studies are written by an awesome single Mom with kids of her own!  She couldn’t’ find great studies for her own kids so she made her own!
Find out more by visiting the website here:
- Coach Emily

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