What Are Momsanity Sliders?

What Are Momsanity Sliders?

by Coach Debbie


What in the world are Momsanity Sliders anyway?


Momsanity's Exercise Sliders are a secret weapon for a killer full-body workout!  Sliders (or gliders) are 2-sided discs (a smooth side for carpet floors and a fabric side for hard floors) that intensify your workouts! 


Sliders are lightweight, portable, and perfect for small spaces.  Sliders take workouts to the next level with dynamic moves that sculpt the body from head to toe. 


This training tool is perfect for those with injuries because each move lacks the impact of other stepping or jumping exercises.  Your joints will appreciate the smooth movements that only Sliders provide. 



You can slowly (or quickly) glide your way to a stronger, leaner body.  Exercising with Sliders will impact your core, booty, legs, and upper body in a way that is challenging yet fun!  



You can even use Sliders to help stretch.  They easily increase your range of motion without extra effort, and help you get into positions that can feel awkward without the slider.


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Don't forget: Momsanity Sliders make great gifts!

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