Vanilla Mom Fuel Recipes Galore

Vanilla Mom Fuel Recipes Galore

Vanilla Fuel Recipes Galore

Breakfast can feel so challenging in the throes of the school year!  Last year I was tired of feeling overwhelmed with getting breakfast on the table each morning and decided to simplify.  Instead of trying to throw together something each morning, I began preparing the day or evening before.

Before you roll your eyes at me please know that this was 100% on purpose so I could STOP yelling and feeling frantic in the morning, more for myself than my kids.  There I said it.

I find it truly fascinating just how many fantastic recipes can be created with Vanilla Mom Fuel.  It bakes better than any protein powder I’ve ever used in my entire life and blends and tastes amazing.  I’ve fooled far more than one picky eater in my life too.

Below are some of my family’s favorites that can be whipped up in just a few minutes.  Most freeze well too so be sure to make extras!


Oh and because bonus tips are always fun:  Always add sprinkles!  Just a few can go a long way in making kids think everything is a major treat!  Smoothies are always a great idea, but if you want to take your protein to the next level be sure to give some of these a shot.  Let us know which are your favorite!


Coach Emily

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