Refuse to Scrooge

Refuse to Scrooge

Could you have ever imagined last December all that 2020 would hold?  I’m a big lover of memes and I have a ton saved on my phone that help me to laugh in the midst of worldly challenges.   Circumstances have been tough.  There is plenty of doom and gloom to capture our focus.  A ho hum holiday season almost seems appropriate.


When my mind starts to go “there”, I’m reminded of the Christmas story.  Let’s really think about what was happening in the world.  It had been FOUR HUNDRED years since the last prophet had pointed to Jesus. God was silent for a LONG time. 


He used the most unlikely of circumstances- people, position, and place to rescue the world.  Our savior was born into a culture full of doom and gloom to two teenagers far from home.  Think about just how easy it would have been to MISS it. 


Let’s not do that this year.  Regardless of what the present and near future might feel like, we have Jesus!  He gives us everything that we need.  We need NOTHING more than the grace and mercy He supplies. That sweet baby born into the most challenging of times is God in the flesh!


We can make a choice.  This season can be merry.  We can choose to celebrate what matters for eternity verses focusing on the temporal.  Cheer can be a choice as we ponder the miracle of just what happened two millennia ago.  Let’s not miss it and let’s not keep it to ourselves!


The world needs your light, your smile and your merry cheer.  Shine the light of Jesus bright this season as you help remind others that God’s mysteries are always part of His perfect plans. 

Be Merry!

-        Coach Emily

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