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Momsanity Unscripted: Coach Debbie on Faith and Motherhood

Emily Saunders Momsanity Spotlight

I have always loved that Coach Debbie is so willing and open to share about EVERYTHING related to being a widow.  I’ve told her that people ask ME questions all the time and I love to share about a positive story- the lunch we had about 2 months after Debbie’s husband passed away where she took steps forward to pursue her fitness coaching passion and I felt real clarification that the Momsanity concept needed to come to life. 
Recently I had the opportunity to interview Debbie on a few motherhood and faith topics including how she has walked through the grief process with her children.  I love the passion that she shares knowing that there is something so much better than this world to come!
We also talked about Bible study, parenting styles, stages of motherhood and more in this short interview.  Join us and email us back to let us know what other questions we can answer for you!
It’s really fun to talk about hard things and even more important to have girlfriends that stand by you no matter what.
- Emily

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