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Mom Fuel Peanut Butter Banana Chip Muffins

Emily Saunders Recipes

I know that you have so much on your plate.  There is shopping to do, travel to plan, cards to send out, events to attend, costumes to make, parties to chaperone, and the list just grows and grows.
This year we want to make sure you have some healthy sweets recipes in your back pocket (or inbox) ready for those quick events, potlucks, cookie exchanges, and when you just feel like you can’t stay away from chocolate anymore and need a healthy alternative.
Plus let’s just be real.  There is something about the holidays and baking.
I’ve served these to well over 100 people and no one believes they are sugar-free and low-carb and made with protein powder.  I even tricked my grandfather and a little girl we’ve cared for who eats nothing but fast food. 
So yeah- they’re good!
Are you excited yet?
On a side note- let’s all take some deep breaths and lower the bar of expectation we put on ourselves this time of year.  As followers of Christ, Christmas means one thing and that’s celebrating the birth of our savior.  When we’re choosing how to do that, let’s remember that our one purpose is to love and glorify the Lord while loving others and making disciples.  When overwhelm strikes I know it’s time to focus in on this truth and decide what needs to be removed from my to-do list so that I can better fulfil His purpose for me, not the expectations of others.
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