How to Easily Make (and Keep) Good Habits

How to Easily Make (and Keep) Good Habits


by Coach Debbie


I do not like reading books (other than the Bible).  It’s just not my thing.  So when I tell you I enjoyed a book (and didn’t donate it), it’s a good book.  Years ago I read “The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” by Gary Keller. 


That’s a long title; the focus of the book:  if you chase 2 rabbits, how many would you catch? 


Can we stop trying to do ALL THE THINGS and just give our attention to ONE thing.  Just one.  Not two.  One.  This is how we can create habits that stick.


“Multitasking is a lie,” Keller teaches.  “Success demands singleness of purpose.” 


You only have so many hours in a day as a busy mom and we feel the need to do too many things.  So instead of a long To Do List, make a short Success List that pulls you in just one specific direction.


So what is your ONE specific, meaningful thing that needs to be a habit?


Is it exercise?  Meal planning?  Self-care? You decide!


Once you’ve decided, do THIS ONE THING early in the day when you are at full strength.  If you wait, willpower and self-control will sabotage your goal.  This will mean saying no to other things, and that is a good thing!


Is it exercise?  Do a Sisterhood workout video after you wake up.


Is it meal planning? Wake up and walk to the kitchen to work on that day’s menu.


Is it self-care?  Start your day in prayer and Bible study under a blanket on your favorite chair.


So that's how we START good habits.  But how do we KEEP good habits?


Often as we strive to create habits that stick (which we’ve been emailing you about all this month), we tend to lose our motivation, right?  It’s normal for our motivation to fluctuate, so how do we reignite that initial excitement?


Here is a list of questions if motivation for a new habit is fizzling:


  • Do I need to adjust/refine my original goal(s)?


  • How am I implementing mini rewards along the way for working towards that habit?


  • Can delayed gratification help with forming a new habit (for example, I cannot open this Amazon package until I finish ________)?


  • What can I read / watch / listen to that relates to this habit so I have a constant drip of information as the background of my day? 


  • Is the problem that I’m bored instead of challenged?


  • Am I willing to make a public commitment, like on social media, for enhanced accountability and the positive pressure to follow through?


  • Am I doing this habit first in my day or waiting, knowing that waiting will lead to dread.


  • Could I set a timer and see how much you I get done (perhaps with my favorite playlist) with my new habit?


How can we help you?  We'd love for you to join the Momsanity Sisterhood where accountability, encouragement, and support are happening every day!



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