Fun Christmas Trivia about Jesus!

Fun Christmas Trivia about Jesus!

by Coach Debbie


When you picture the birth of Jesus, do you imagine a baby in a barn, surrounded by cows and wise men?  Or maybe you think about a grumpy innkeeper at a motel who tells a woman in labor that they're full for the night?



I want to share some really cool trivia about the truths of Jesus’ birth that you and your kiddos may not know!  Prepare for your mind to be BLOWN!


  1. History shows that Jesus was not necessarily born on December 25th.  Or even in December (most likely).  He was probably born in May or June!


  1. There were not necessarily 3 wise men.  We assume there are 3 because Jesus was given 3 gifts. 



  1. The 3 gifts given to Jesus were highly symbolic.  Gold for His kingship and deity.  Frankincense (or incense) as an offering to Him as our High Priest.  Myrrh was an embalming spice because He was our Savior who would die for us.  You can read more about these 3 gifts in our blog HERE.




  1. Jesus was not a newborn when the wise men visited.  He was anywhere from a few months old to two years old.



  1. The Bible tells us God chose to reveal the upcoming pregnancy to Mary before He shared the news with Joseph.  Women are important to God!  And Mary was not given the full spectrum of information, but rather just a sliver of what she needed to know right then.  Imagine how differently she would have parented if she knew Jesus would be beaten, tortured, mocked, and crucified!  But she was a willing servant and just as in need of a Savior as we are.  Thankfully, we don’t know how our kids will turn out either; what a blessing!



  1. The Bible does not tell us to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  It’s wonderful that we do, of course!  But the Bible focuses on us celebrating his DEATH, so Easter is a far more important holiday.  His death is the finishing of His work; His death and resurrection bring us the eternal gift of salvation!


  1. Christmas plays often have an innkeeper telling Mary and Joseph, “There’s no room in the inn,” right?    There was no innkeeper, but rather a narrator in the Bible.  And it wasn’t like a Motel 6 setup.  Mary and Joseph were trying to stay at a relative’s home because this was common for the culture at the time.  In that culture, it was common to stay in the “upper room” of a relative’s home, so the “innkeeper” was telling the couple, “There is no upper room available.”  So the couple stayed on the ground floor, under the upper room.  Jesus was not born in a barn, though our nativity scenes depict this.  Mary and Joseph and Jesus were in a private home.  Yes, animals slept on the ground floor, so that part of the nativity scene is right. 




Really eye-opening information, right?  Be sure to read the New Testament book of Luke with your family (no glitter or glue required) and read the story of Jesus’ birth!



May we be like the wise men and seek Him.  May we, like the wise men, gift Him – with worship.  May we be at peace that we, like Mary, only get slivers of what the future of our children holds.  May we, like Mary, know we are valued to God.  May we celebrate both the birth and death of Jesus so we may embrace new life!

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