Foster Care Part 7: Adoption Is REAL

Foster Care Part 7: Adoption Is REAL


Saying the word “adoption” out loud as a reality feels completely surreal.  It’s one of those hushed possibilities that isn’t off the table, but also isn’t reality until the long roller coaster of foster care finally comes to a stop.


These days I’m saying “adoption” multiple times daily and I continue to rejoice while feeling like it can’t possibly be real. 


After our case ended in TPR (termination of parental rights) the bio parents had 30 days to appeal after the judge signed the order (a total of 60 days).  It felt like the days crawled by, but in the end there was no appeal.  Our case went to the county’s adoption committee a few weeks later and we were approved as an adoptive placement.


At that point things moved so quickly!  By Friday of the same week, I was sitting in an attorney’s office signing the REAL paperwork.  It was such a huge moment, but after this long journey it felt so anticlimactic.  I smiled so big seeing the boys’ new names on paper.  


The last few weeks have been so very sweet.  I think that the promise of permanency has been good for everyone.  Our entire family got to work planning a HUGE adoption party with family and friends and teachers and our church body and others who have played a role in loving and praying us through this season. 


For confidentiality purposes I won’t share specifics, but our big boy, B, chose his new middle name and it brought me to tears as he excitedly shared.  His best buddy at school is also adopted and he could not wait to share the news with him as well as his teacher.  He has been SO excited and each night wants to thank God that he gets to “stay forever”. 


The party was a forever memory and I never want to forget a detail.  We enjoyed a beautiful evening of celebration with family, friends, our church community, teachers, social workers, baby sitters and more to celebrate our family’s official completion.  Our boys even performed several songs for the crowd that they had practiced together for weeks. 


Our family “verse” is actually a set of verses from Ephesians 3 that powerfully shares a glimpse of God’s goodness.  Our family is indeed rooted and established in His love.  There is no way that I could have prepared for this journey.  His perfect provision and timing is so tangible as I consider how He has worked over these past 2.5 years.  I am so grateful that He chose us and gave us the courage to say yes!


If you have any questions at all about foster care, I am always available to share more about our journey and point you in the right direction!

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