Cravings Erased

Cravings Erased

by Coach Debbie


I don’t even want to tell you the top 3 foods I crave.  Because then you’ll start craving them AND be mad at me.  But let’s just say I like sugar and I like carbs.  My body, however, knows that I need not put those in my mouth on the regular if I want to look and feel my best.


Yeah, I give in on occasion, but I have a better strategy to combat cravings that typically hit me around 3:05pm and 8:45pm.


BCAA’s.  Huh?  Branched-Chain Amino Acids.  That’s right, I drop acid (just joking). 


Our brains are the cause of our cravings.  It involves dopamine, serotonin, acetycholine, and GABA.  When our brains get cortisol (thanks, stress) out of whack, welcome to cravings.


So we take BCAA’s to cope and avoid the pretzels, chips, cookies, pie, candy, etc.   How can this amazing supplement make us avoid the cookie jar? 


In a word, leucine (it’s one of the 3 essential amino acids in BCAA’s).  So you mix BCAA’s with water, which is then directly put in your bloodstream like an IV drip, and the magic happens.  The BCAA’s tell the body, “Hey body, I am now regulating your blood sugar and energizing you!  Enjoy!”


BCAA’s balance your brain chemistry so that cravings NATURALLY evaporate!  Isn’t science cool?!


So the next time your brain tricks you, “Hey girl, I need a snack.  Get something salty or sweet,” you’ll grab your Fruit Punch, Cherry Lime, or Raspberry Lemonade BCAA’s and avoid the regret and feel really good! 


But don’t take our word for it.  See what others are saying:


  • I'm in love with the flavor!  --Brittany


  • I want to drink the whole container – Vanessa


  • Why do i need BCAA’s?  Well if you’re a busy mom like me, you are probably tired, stressed, you munch on your kids’ leftovers, and you really need to put some healthy stuff in your body for a change. In addition to the reasons listed above, BCAAs can help lower cortisol levels that are raised by stress. They also work in your brain to help regulate your hunger levels and reduce cravings. (Admit it, a hangry mom is a dangerous creature. Nobody wants to be hangry.) –Amanda


  •  This will be in my Must Haves for 2017 --De


  • Thought I would share my BCAA story with you. I had an absolutely ridiculous Thanksgiving schedule. Between church, work, family and the community I was TOTALLY over scheduled and over booked. I used to resort to energy drinks, which didn't really help and left me jittery. I decided to try the BCAAs and they really helped. Not in a 10 minutes later I can conquer the world way, but in a steady, calming, focusing way. I was completely amazed! Thanks Momsanity for giving us this great product. I'm a fan for life now!  --Cindy


  • BCAA's are awesome! Second serving today.  :) I had posted awhile ago about how to not feel deprived after working a long day in a setting where you can't eat much, and people had helpful and interesting replies. I tried it out yesterday with 19 hrs in the OR, and honestly felt pretty good at the end of the shift. I had small bites of protein bars throughout the day, 2 protein shakes spread out, cauliflower and almonds, and as much water as my bladder would let me. I felt tired today, but serving #1 of BCAA's gave me a lift for a slow jog and push-ups, now recovering with serving 2. Momsanity advice is always awesome!!  --Emily


  • Thank you for momsanity bCAA!!! Had some this AM before my run and I'm convinced they helped me knock some time off my run!!! I did my 2 miles 30 seconds faster and it was more humid and hotter than my last run!!!!  --Heather


  • May I just say this stuff is the bomb!!!!  --Elani


  • Craving CRUSHER!!! –Jennifer


  • A yummy healthy treat that is great post-workout and often helps me through the oh-so-common afternoon slump!  --Mary


  •  Controllable. Cuts the craving and I can decide just how sweet it needs to be. One of the few things I feel like I can control.  --Cathy


Click HERE to snag your BCAA's in Fruit Punch, Raspberry Lemonade, or Cherry Lime!



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