Cocoa: The Magical Powder

Cocoa: The Magical Powder

Sugar. Chocolate. Yum.

Probably the most craved substance in the world (especially for women), chocolate is so very flavorful and satisfying. BUT, with all of the deliciousness comes consequences. Calories from the worst combination: fat and sugar together.

What if there was a way to satisfy those cravings while not only limiting calories, but also improving your health?

Enter Cocoa Powder.

Let’s first talk about what cocoa powder actually is. It all starts with cacao beans from cacao trees. After the beans are picked and fermented they are dried and roasted and then ground up into a paste. From this paste the cocoa butter is extracted leaving the cocoa powder.

We know of cocoa as an essential baking ingredient but it can be used in so many fun ways!

What makes unsweetened cocoa powder so fabulous?

  1. Antioxidants and Minerals. We touched on this one a couple of weeks back, but know that cocoa is rich in both which help prevent cancer, improve cardiovascular health, blood circulation and more!
  2. Can help prevent cancer. Flavanols in cocoa can reduce cell damage which stunts the possible development of cancer.
  3. Balances Blood Sugar. Cocoa helps improve the breakdown of glucose and enhances insulin sensitivity helping our blood sugar to remain more stable.
  4. Lowers Blood Pressure. Cocoa powder boosts the availability of nitric acid which helps dilate blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.
  5. Reduces bad cholesterol. Consuming cocoa consistently has been shown to increase good (HDL) cholesterol and reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol.
  6. Enhances Heart Health. The antioxidants and magnesium in cocoa help to protect cells and strengthen the heart.
  7. Boosts energy without the crash. Cocoa contains fewer stimulants than coffee but the same uplifting effect
  8. Assists in weight loss. Polyphenols in cocoa trigger metabolism helping with fat burning.
  9. Reduces Stress. Cocoa helps to negate cortisol, the stress induced hormone
  10. Slows down aging. Cocoa helps to improve skin hydration and elasticity
  11. Improves Mood. Cocoa is fantastic for stimulating mood enhancing neurotransmitters.


And the best cocoa powder for a healthy, chocolatey treat should contain no sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, artificial flavors, GMOs, dairy, soy, or gluten.

When we add all of this together, we have a perfect, flavorful and effective solution for reducing cravings! With filling fiber, mineral richness, relaxation promotion and brain balance, cocoa powder is perfect for both reducing and replacing those cravings for chocolate.

It’s a win times so many! 

Who knew that something so simple (and delicious) could have so many health benefits?

Wondering what's the best hot chocolate mix to satisfy your craving for chocolate without overloading your daily calories?

Get excited because we’ve got a HUGE announcement coming next week!


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