Coach Emily Tells All:  Food + Fitness Interview

Coach Emily Tells All: Food + Fitness Interview

by Coach Debbie


One of the first things I noticed when I met Coach Emily was, “Wow, she is really fit!”  I could tell that she knew exactly what to do to look so strong and lean.  It didn’t take long for me to beg for help, “Emily, tell me how to get fit like you!”  She was so sweet to help me immensely.  She changed my whole life.  I had no idea how to eat or move to be fit until she started teaching me!


I recently interviewed Coach Emily (which sounds so official, doesn’t it) and we talked about all things FOOD and FITNESS!  We had a blast on camera AND behind the scenes!  She is so knowledgeable yet humble, which is a cool combination! 


You’re going to love learning how she exercises, her favorite body part, what it’s like to film Sisterhood workouts, her favorite health and junk foods, and if her husband helps in the kitchen!



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