A New Goal or a New System?

A New Goal or a New System?


Women love to set goals.  There’s something rewarding just about setting a goal and sharing it with someone else.  It’s like we feel like we’ve already accomplished something by setting a goal.

I’m going to let you in on a secret.  Systems are better for producing habit change than goals.

Simply stated, to reach a goal that actually lasts you have to have a system.  The best part?  Systems outlive goals.

I know I’m confusing you so let’s dive deeper.

Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress. A handful of problems arise when you spend too much time thinking about your goals and not enough time designing your systems.

1.   Goals don’t create action, systems do.

Example.  Goal:  Exercise 3 times per week. System:  Set my alarm for 6:30 Am.  Lay clothes out beside bed.  Water bottle is filled with Momsanity BCAAs the night before. Workout mat and weights are already set out in the living room.  At 6:50 I push play on my preplanned Momsanity Sisterhood workout.

Do you see the difference?  Systems put goals into practice.  Without them goals are just words.

2.   Goals are momentary.

What happens after you reach your goal?  I can tell you that for most people who want to accomplish a health or fitness goal, after they reach it they quit.  It’s well researched.  When our focus is on our system, we tend to keep going AND we achieve even better results.  The habits created by focusing on our systems are likely to far outlast our momentary goal.

3.   Goals miss the joy and the lessons of the journey.

When we are focused on reaching goals, we miss the process.  The process itself is where real progress and success is found and achieved.  If we are laser focused on the “end goal”, we can’t fully embrace and learn from the journey.  There is joy in progress no matter how small.  Refinement and improvement is in the daily growth.

Systems are useful in EVERY area of life from decluttering your space (and your head) to making your morning routine easier and getting to bed earlier!  As you’re considering live-improving goals, be sure that you remember that the system used makes ALL the difference!

For me, my morning system that helps me get out of bed, read my Bible, exercise, get breakfast prepared and get 4 kids to school before the tardy bell has been life-changing for me.  I am SO much less stressed in the mornings AND I yell far less often.

As you begin thinking through systems, consider each behavior or action that has to happen as you progress toward your goal.  Write them down and then create the most sensible order that works logically and for your personal schedule and preferences.

You’ve got this Mama!


-        Emily

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