6 Sweaty Mom Hacks

6 Sweaty Mom Hacks

by Coach Debbie


I typically smell like a dumpster.  I am a busy mom of 4 kids who is always on the go.  You too?  As on-the-go as I stay, I refuse to skip workouts.  Exercise is a way I achieve MOMSANITY by kicking stress to the curb!  I need that outlet, that body care!


I typically work out late morning.  I am not into the 5:30am fitness sessions, so I just squeeze it in when I can.  Once I finish my intense workouts, the sweat is a-rollin'.  And I smell horribly.  


I used to care.  That phase passed really quickly and I decided I have too much to do, and am not looking to land a man.  So I run errands in my own filth.  


I don't want people to pass out when near me (you know, like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown), so I've got some tricks up my sweaty sleeve to share with moms just like you who are doing so much!




1.  Spray deodorant.  I know, I know.  Aerosol isn't great for the environment.  I figure neither is my stench.  So keep spray deo in your car/purse/home when you need a quick touch-up.  Do NOT use your stick deodorant, as this is reserved for clean armpits.  You do not want sweat living on the stick.


2.  Wipes.  Any and all kinds of wipes, from baby wipes to feminine wipes.  You will need this in your office/purse/car for those moments when your odor is too much to handle.  Wipe all the creases (boob, pits, crotch) and hope to mask the stank.


3.  Tank tops.  I workout in a tank 99% of the time for natural ventilation.  We need shirts that prevent moisture being trapped.  The great thing is, if you have no sleeves, you can't have armpit stains on your shirts.  And, you can position your air condition vents in the car to cool down your underarms.


4.  Jackets.  This is for extreme emergencies and short-term solutions.  When you know that you reek like nobody's business, it's time to get a jacket on and trap the grossness.  Yes, you will be hot.  And it will only protect you for a few minutes.  But if know you're going to be shoulder to shoulder with someone, it's a must.


5.  Swap out.  Your feet are sweaty and yucky after a Momsanity workout; an easy trick is to change shoes when you finish stretching.  I throw my socks into the washing machine and put on my flip flops to dry my feet.  Another crucial swap is the panty swap.  I like to call my post-workout situation "swamp crotch."  Let's prevent sweat and stench to fester in our nether regions.  You can still wear your sweaty shorts/leggings, but putting on fresh, dry panties will help you tremendously.  


6.  Duck bath.  If you can't get to the shower but you are funky to the nth degree, try a duck bath.  Hover over your bathroom sink and wash the areas that make the nostrils flare.  This hack is not my go-to as I end up making a big mess with water everywhere, and I kick myself for not just jumping into the shower and washing from the neck down.  Decide how much time you have and make it happen!


We wanna hear from you!  What are your tips and tricks for eliminating odor in a hurry when you are on the go???  

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