3 Reasons Moms Need Protein

3 Reasons Moms Need Protein

by Coach Debbie


Have you ever had the "meat sweats"?  You know, where you eat SO much meat that you just start sweating and feel queasy and stuffed?  It is the WORST and the only way to survive the meat sweats is in the fetal position.


So here me loud and clear -- I am not about you shoveling in buckets of boiled chicken at your meals.




I am suggesting you check your protein portions.  Because you might not be getting enough protein and that's a ginormous problem.


A lot of women are not getting enough protein each day.  If you've ever eaten a salad and then wanted more to eat, that's a red flag.  If you're starving every 90 minutes, that's a red flag.  If your cravings are sky-high, that's a red flag.  



Mom, you need protein and plenty of it.  Here are 3 reasons why you need plenty o' protein throughout each day:



As we age, our muscles start to break down.  Picture a frail 90-year old woman and tell me I'm lying.  In order to STOP this atrophy, we need protein.  It's one reason our Mom Fuel protein powder contains collagen -- we as moms want great hair, strong nails, calm joints, good teeth, and tight skin.  You can reverse age simply by blending a Mom Fuel shake at your next meal (that's 60 seconds of meal prep).



I know, we are all picturing a beastly man with bulging muscles.  No no.  Moms need muscle (because the alternative is fat, yuck).  Since protein is the building block of muscle, we gotta have protein in our system for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  This could be eggs, animals, protein bars, or protein powders...lots of options.  Protein contains nutrients that both repair and replenish, which means  we build and expand lean muscle.  And that means we are strong moms with a lot of endurance for tantrums, nap schedules, and being a taxi cab driver.



Moms love when things are in order because we have a sense of peace and control, right?  Protein is your perfect sidekick because it's all about body control!

* Protein controls your cravings.

* Protein controls your hunger.

* Protein controls your weight.

Protein keeps your blood sugar level stable.  When we prevent the sugar high and sugar crash, or the dip from starving to death, we avoid the "need" for candy or chips to energize us.  

Protein keeps you fuller longer, which means you don't need to snack every 90 minutes (adding excessive calories that add up).  This way you are not gaining inches from finishing off your kid's sandwich or mac-n-cheese.

It's why our Mom Fuel is low carb and low fat.  You are happily satisfied for hours with an all-natural meal that tastes great, erases cravings, energizes, and keeps you on track with your health goals.



Be sure to get around a fist-sized amount of protein at your meals (around 4-6 ounces or so).  Order extra meat on your next restaurant salad.  Enjoy 20 grams of protein in your next Mom Fuel smoothie.  


Snag some quick and easy protein recipes HERE!  




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