12 Ways to Decorate Your Protein Shake!

12 Ways to Decorate Your Protein Shake!


by Coach Debbie


There's an expression I love:  WE EAT WITH OUR EYES.


I know that sounds weird, but don't we love visually-appealing foods?  I think pizza is so pretty, but I think split pea soup looks yucky.


So it makes sense to decorate smoothies (and smoothie bowls) with some textured garnishes to keep things interesting!  Doesn't this smoothie bowl make your mouth water?



We came up with 12 fun toppings to add on your smoothies and smoothie bowls (remember to add enough ice and/or frozen fruit to have a thick smoothie)!



We want YOU to add to the list, so share how you garnish your protein drinks and protein ice cream desserts!



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